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Action Games
 Battleships (6268 plays)
Enjoy the classic game of Battleship. Destroy the enemy fle...
 Prince of Persia (7431 plays)
You have to save the princess from her kidnapper. To reach ...
 Dragon Sword (4863 plays)
Grab your samurai sword and move through new and exciting wo...
 Crazy Flasher 3 (5824 plays)
Battle your way through seemingly endless death match scenar...
Arcade Games
 Land Grab (6107 plays)
Help Marvin the Martian take over the planet by encircling t...
 Space Fighter (4860 plays)
Destroy all of the meteors before they destroy you in this a...
 Asteroids Revenge 3 (6285 plays)
Humans are attempting to destroy all asteroids! Can you save...
 Mario Remix (5562 plays)
Pick between three games, Super Mario World, Gradius, and Me...
Card Games
 Pyramid Solitaire (8407 plays)
Select any two exposed cards (or the King by itself) with a ...
 Speed Card (8085 plays)
Try to get rid of all your cards before the computer does by...
 Blackjack Gold (6633 plays)
Play the classic card game of blackjack here. Great sound q...
 Spider Solitaire (10952 plays)
Choose from one to four different suits, deal out cards, and...
Defense Games
 Shield Defense (7268 plays)
Use your shield to protect your base from attacking tanks an...
 Storm Winds (5675 plays)
Defeat a massive invasion of steampunk-ish enemies in this e...
 Army of Destruction (6919 plays)
This is an action shooter where you have to defend your city...
 MAD (7061 plays)
Enemy missiles are attacking your base! Shoot them down and ...
Multiplayer Games
 Fortress Fight 2 (9954 plays)
You select one of the nations and must win a catapult battle...
 Tanks (6429 plays)
The most advanced tank war game ever.
 Island Mini Golf (5561 plays)
Practice your putting skills through 18 holes of mini golf. ...
 Office Mini Golf (5196 plays)
Play mini golf at the office with office supplies as obstacl...
Puzzle Games
 Sudoku (3949 plays)
This is the popular number puzzle game of Sudoku.
 Chat Noir (5121 plays)
The objective is to keep the black cat on the grid and not l...
 Tetris Championship (4276 plays)
Play Neave's version of the popular Tetris game.
 Mario Tetris 3 (4767 plays)
It's the game of Tetris but with Super Mario graphics and mu...
Racing Games
 Ultimate Racing (6481 plays)
Use the arrow keys to race your car around the track
 Rally Racing (7452 plays)
Select your car and race on these great tracks. You need to ...
 Four x Four Rally (6925 plays)
Extreme 4x4 on and off road racing.
 Superbike GP (6392 plays)
Race around on your motorcycle in this 3D game.
Shooting Games
 Space Cowboy (6665 plays)
'Take on the role of Space Cowboy as you navigate a distant ...
 Nine Dragons (4942 plays)
You are the last man standing. You have to avoid the enemies...
 Duck Shooter (6442 plays)
Take down the ducks in this fun shooter. There are three di...
 Virtual Cop (5349 plays)
You're a virtual cop. Shoot the bad guys before they hurt y...
Sports Games
 QuikShot (6122 plays)
This is like playing hoops at the arcades.
 Celebrity Dodgeball (7581 plays)
Choose your team of celebrities and have a game of dodgeball...
 Baseball 3D (7400 plays)
Play baseball on your computer in 3D.
 Snowboard Challenge (14479 plays)
A fun snowboard challenge game.

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