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Action Games
 Raptek Arena (3893 plays)
Play the role of a prisoner in an Arena packed with monsters...
 Overrun (5368 plays)
Don't let the Orcs take over the castle.
 Hero RPG (6758 plays)
Venture through the world as a Warrior, Ranger, or Mage. Exp...
 Line Flyer 2 (33306 plays)
Use your mouse to draw a path for the motorcycle then press ...
Arcade Games
 Maple Story (4768 plays)
Maple story is the popular mmorpg game where you have to fig...
 Tippedtin (8589 plays)
A nice side scrolling air combat game. Fly around grabbing ...
 Gold Miner (10949 plays)
Gold, diamonds and dynamite? That's right, you're a gold min...
 Spider Bugs (5098 plays)
You're a spider ladybug. Try to connect with other bugs.
Card Games
 Crescent Solitaire (8423 plays)
Move all of the cards from the outer piles onto the central ...
 Bahama Tripeaks (11458 plays)
Your goal is to move all of the cards from the playing field...
 Texas Hold'em (8228 plays)
Play the hottest card game in the nation. Don't know how? ...
 Blackjack Gold (6951 plays)
Play the classic card game of blackjack here. Great sound q...
Defense Games
 Bloons Tower Defense 2 (25037 plays)
Pop all the balloons before they make it to your home. Use ...
 Strategy Defense 3 (11277 plays)
Protect your castle and destroy the enemy castle. In the bat...
 Star Defence (5640 plays)
Defend Your Planet In This Lightning Paced Strategy Defence ...
 Storm (5623 plays)
Storm is a Tower Defense like game with strategy elements. Y...
Multiplayer Games
 Putt It In (5334 plays)
Play 18 holes of minigolf in the garden park.
 Classic Chess (6449 plays)
This is a 2 player chess game.
 Tanks (6669 plays)
The most advanced tank war game ever.
 Bomb It (6753 plays)
Blow up your opponents by placing bombs. A Bomberman game wi...
Puzzle Games
 Logic 3D (16204 plays)
The aim is to connect the same colored squares to each other...
 Crashdown (5554 plays)
Click the groups of colored blocks to destroy them.
 Zwingo (4767 plays)
Swing ('zwing') your ball around using the mouse, smashing a...
 Santas Cubes (4326 plays)
Find matching groups of three or more blocks. Once youve cl...
Racing Games
 Sewer Run (7741 plays)
In Sewer Run, Pick your player, choose your board, and get r...
 Miniwave (5367 plays)
Try and finish the race before your opponent does using your...
 Braapi Motocross (9015 plays)
Race the dirt bike against your opponents performing crazy t...
 Four Wheel Madness (11782 plays)
Get in Bigfoot's drivers seat. Can you make it across the f...
Shooting Games
 The Strangers (4588 plays)
You control multiple snipers. Find the hidden enemies with ...
 Pit Dwellers (4547 plays)
Shoot the creatures that are trying to climb out of the cave...
 Thirteen Days in Hell (8374 plays)
Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head t...
 Bomber Bob (6210 plays)
Shoot down the planes while protecting your ship.
Sports Games
 DaBomb Pong (6356 plays)
Play ping pong with a twist. The ball will explode if you d...
 Baseball 3D (7635 plays)
Play baseball on your computer in 3D.
 Air Hockey (7583 plays)
Defeat all the world champions of air hockey.
 Vertigolf (6027 plays)
Complete all holes in as few shots as possible in this 3D g...

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